P: 1-800-636-6680
F: 1-406-783-5283
Email: nemont@nemont.coop

Nemont Telephone
P.O. Box 600
61 HWY 13 S
Scobey, MT 59263

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Text Messaging Instructions

Compose a Message

Refer to your phone’s user manual for instructions to create a message. Your user manual also has instructions for reading incoming messages. Procedures differ by phone model.

Mobile to Mobile

Follow the procedures to create a message on your phone. In the To field, use the 10-digit phone number of the recipient. (e.g. 4062639999) If you are sending a message to a wireless subscriber of another carrier, you must use a 1 before the phone number. (e.g. 14065559999)

Mobile to Email

Follow the procedures to create a message on your phone. In the To field, use letters to spell out the complete email address of the recipient. You may utilize your contacts list to store email addresses. (e.g. myfriend@nemont.net)

Email to Mobile

Use your normal email program to compose a message to a Nemont text messaging subscriber. Send it to: 10-digit number@pic.nemont.mobi (e.g. 4062639999@pic.nemont.mobi)
Information in the subject line of the email will NOT be displayed. The sender’s email address or contact name will be displayed as From. The message cannot exceed 160 characters.

Web to Mobile

Navigate to http://sms.nemont.net/. Enter the mobile number of the recipient, including area code, with no spaces or punctuation. Enter the message and signature in the appropriate lines. These items cannot exceed 160 characters. The character count automatically displays the number of characters you have used.
Emails sent via this method can only reach Nemont text messaging subscribers. The receiver’s mobile number or contact name may display as the From entry. The From entry may appear blank.

4G SMS page 

Third-Party Alerts

If signing up for alerts from a third-party service (Yahoo, ESPN, etc), you may need to choose a Device Type of Pager/Other Device. If asked for the pager email address, use yournumber@pic.nemont.mobi. (e.g. 4062639999@pic.nemont.mobi) Be sure to select delivery via text or SMS. HTML, rich text, and MMS delivery will likely not work.