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Advanced WiFi+

Advanced WiFi Plus

Protect Your Home Internet with Advanced WiFi+


Advanced WiFi+ Helps You Stay Ahead of Potential Online Threats


Our Internet service protects you from online threats.

Our Advanced WiFi+ system comes with our u6 Gigaspire router preinstalled with Internet protection.

Online threats increase every month.

You can track local stats to see how many online threats we protect our customers from by following us on YouTube or Facebook.

With our Advanced WiFi+ system in place, you can safely browse the web, stream your favorite content and connect with loved ones.

Keep your personal information secure. Advanced WiFi+ with Internet protection shields you from malicious websites, phishing attempts, malware infections, and more. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your home network and safeguard your digital life.

Lock Icon - Protection at the router level



Phone App Icon - Stop malware at the door!



Wall Plug Icon - Protect all devices connected to your router



Gigaspire U6

Protect Your Network with Advanced WiFi+

Protect Your Home From Online Threats

Advanced WiFi+ guards your network and keeps unwanted visitors at bay.

With its multi-layered protection, it goes above and beyond to safeguard even your most vulnerable devices, such as smart TVs, thermostats, and Wi-Fi cameras.

We understand the importance of keeping your devices secure. Advanced WiFi+ is the perfect solution.

Advanced WiFi+'s constant vigilance and alert system gives you peace of mind. 

Don't leave your devices vulnerable to cyber threats, knowing your network is protected around the clock.

Let Advanced WiFi+ be your 24/7 internet watchman.

Introducing the u6 Gigaspire router!

The u6 Gigaspire router is the ultimate solution for lightning-fast internet speeds. With its support for Wi-Fi 6, you can now experience whole-home coverage like never before. 

Are you tired of dead spots, buffering, hard-to-reach places, and rooms with concrete walls?  

Boost your signal by adding Advanced Wi-Fi Extended, ensuring seamless connectivity throughout your home. 

The Gigaspire router goes above and beyond with its advanced MU-MIMO Technology and Beamforming.

You don't have to settle for slow and unreliable connections when you can have the best. 

Upgrade to the u6 Gigaspire router and enjoy the power of Wi-Fi 6 connectivity today.


While no cybersecurity solution is 100% guaranteed, you are significantly more protected with Advanced WiFi+ on your network.


Advanced WiFi Plus



Gigaspire Router with Advanced WiFi+ feature

Extra Layer of Protection for Your Home WiFi Network

Protection Against Malicious Websites

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Home WiFi


Per Month

$5 for each additional Access Point per month.
$25 One-time Setup fee for each
additional Access Point


Sign-up for Advanced WiFi+!


Protects all your connected devices (i.e., laptop, desktop, phone/tablet, gaming system, video doorbell, thermostat, cameras, and more.)

Push notifications for online threats trigger the app to notify you (i.e., which device is the target, where it came from and when it occurred)

Detects intrusions including video hacking

Unlock next-level features inside the Nemont WiFi app



5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Internet



We understand the importance of securing your devices, especially in today's digital age. Our Internet protection feature provides multi-layered protection that runs seamlessly in the background, ensuring the safety of all your devices, including Smart TVs, WiFi cameras, smart speakers, baby monitors, and more.



key benefit of our service is the ability to protect against malicious websites and prevent unauthorized access to your home WiFi network. 



In the event of an intrusion, the Nemont WiFi app sends you a notification and allows you to identify which device is the target. Advanced WiFi+ ensures that your devices and personal information remain safe and secure.



Video hacking is a growing concern for many of us. Hackers can access smart home devices like security cameras, TVs, and lightbulbs. These devices act as windows into your home, making protecting them all the more critical. With Advanced WiFi+, you get peace of mind, knowing that your "windows" are safeguarded against potential threats.



To learn more, follow us on YouTube or Facebook. We regularly post local stats on these platforms. 

By following us on social media and downloading the Nemont WiFi app, you can participate in our games and prize drawings, provided you are a Nemont customer. 

Advanced Wifi Plus FAQs

Please refer to the following answers for some of your questions about Advanced WiFi+:

Advanced Wifi Plus is not required. You can set up your own Wi-Fi network but Nemont will not be able to troubleshoot or help with any Wi-Fi troubles you may have.

An Access Point can be placed in an attached garage. For locations not attached to the home, we offer Advanced WiFi Extended.

You can have as many as will provide sufficient Wi-Fi throughout your home.

It will cost $5 for each additional Access Point per month. A One-time Setup fee of $25 will be assessed for each additional Access Point.

Call Nemont right away at 800-636-6680 to talk to a Nemont Internet Expert. We will troubleshoot your issue and if needed, a technician will visit your home to access the problem.


Advanced WiFi+ puts you in control! 

Advanced WiFi+ gives you easy access to a snapshot view of your home or small business network.

Through the Nemont WiFi App, you can view all the connected devices on your network, set up parental controls and a guest network, change your SSID, change your WiFi password, and more. 


Establishing boundaries and ensuring a safe online environment is more crucial than ever.

That's why Advanced WiFi+ comes with Internet protection. Advanced WiFi+ protects you from web threats, viruses, and intrusions.

With Advanced WiFi+, there is no software to manage, allowing you to focus on what matters most - your online safety.

Current Web Threats Count - February 2024

If you have ProtectIQ, you need the Nemont WiFi App!

See who's connected to your WiFi network

Keep an eye on the devices connected to your WiFi right from your smartphone.

The Nemont WiFi app allows you to have complete control over your network and ensure that only authorized devices are connected.

Download the Nemont WiFi App to enjoy all the features our solution has to offer!

Do you know what speed you need?

Choosing the right internet speed is essential.

You want to have enough speed to keep the people and devices connected to the internet happy. Not having enough internet speed can cause slowdowns and buffering.

With our high-speed internet packages, say goodbye to buffering and hello to seamless browsing, streaming, and downloading.

Don’t let slow internet hold you back anymore.

Upgrade today and enjoy a lightning-fast online experience.

Advanced WiFi+ is only available to customers on 10Mbps package or higher. Nemont is not responsible for any devices added to the home after the Birth Certificate is created. If Internet service is terminated the router and access points must be returned to Nemont within 30 days. Nemont is not responsible for end user devices. If you bump down to a speed lower than 10 Mbps, your Advanced WiFi will be terminated and your billing statement will reflect the changes. Please review all Internet Terms and Conditions.