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Place a PIC Freeze Form

Placing a PIC Freeze on your Long Distance provider(s) can prevent slamming:

  • Slamming" is the "unauthorized changing of your Long Distance provider(s).
  • Protect yourself from being slammed by filling out and sending this PIC FREEZE form to your local telephone company.
  • There is NO CHARGE to place a PIC Freeze on your telephone account.

Long Distance Support

Please call us to verify your current long distance provider before sending this form.


"I understand that by filling out and sending this form, I am authorizing my local telephone company to place a "PIC FREEZE" on my current long distance provider(s). I understand that once I have placed a "PIC FREEZE" on my account, I MUST NOTIFY my local telephone company whenever I wish to change from one long distance provider to another."
PIC Freeze

Personal Information
As it appears on your phone bill
As it appears on your phone bill
Phone Number(s) and Address
Additional Information

It is recommended that you notify your local telephone company AND your long distance provider(s) whenever you are changing from one provider to another.

If you have any questions regarding this PIC FREEZE form, and to VERIFY your current long distance provider, please call our office, 1-800-636-6680.