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Internet FAQ

Is your internet slow?  To learn more about what speed you are currently on, contact our customer service specialists at 1-800-636-6680. Below are some scenarios that could be affecting your speed:

  • Too Many Devices Connected at Once
  • Modem is placed in a non-central area
  • Applications are updating
  • Computer Auto Updates
  • Uploading Large Files
  • Home wiring (jacks/wiring)
  • Router
  • Device processor, hard drive, graphics accelerator, even RAM

Why is My Internet Slow?

First, find out what bandwidth package you are paying for.  This should be on your billing statement or you can give us a call to find out.

If you use Wi-Fi and are experiencing poor internet performance this may be related to wireless interference that could be caused by using many Wi-Fi devices, neighbor's Wi-Fi access points, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and microwaves. Also the material the walls are made of may affect wireless signals.

Next make sure you are connected to your network with an Ethernet cable (this will eliminate the wireless interference factor) and that all devices, except the one you are going to use for speed tests, are powered off or disconnected.  Now run a few speed tests at speedtest.nemont.net and see if your test results are close to what you are paying for.  If they are close your internet speed is fine.  If they are not close, read on.

If speed test results are not close to the bandwidth package you pay for you should unplug the power cord on your modem and/or router and plug it back in.  Give it a few minutes for everything to link back up and try some more speed tests to see if this improved things. 

If the speed test results are still poor there may be some application(s) using a large amount of bandwidth in the background that you may not be aware of or there is actually something wrong with your service.  Some common applications would be cell phones and/or tablets backing up photos/videos to the cloud and Microsoft Windows Updates. You can call our internet tech support so we can look at your connection to verify your bandwidth usage and check for any issues with your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

I keep getting e-mail from people I don't know and didn't ask for. What can I do?

Anti-spam Links

The following links are a sample of what was available on ASK JEEVES. The questions listed below are the actual text used at ASK JEEVES to get the links associated with them. We have added this page for customers who have inquired about avoiding junk mail. Here are some suggestions from different individuals around the Internet.

How can I get rid of spam?


How can I get rid of junkmail?


Nemont is not associated with any of the enclosed content for any of the links from this page.

Email setup information if you wish to use software other than what Nemont provides.

Email Parameters POP3 Server (incoming server): pop.nemont.net Port: 110

IMAP Server (incoming server): imap.nemont.net Port: 143

SMTP Server (outgoing server): smtp.nemont.net Port: 25 *No authentication required.

SMTP Server (outgoing server): wbsmtp.nemont.net Port: 587 (Use this server if not connected to Nemont network. For example, cell phones and/or tablets connected to wifi connection not on the Nemont network. Authentication is required, use email username and password.)

Email address: username@nemont.net

Return address: username@nemont.net

Am I able to get high-speed Internet from Nemont Communications?

Pricing and availability may vary. Call Today - 1-800-636-6680. Installation fee waived!

Your Nemont email is easily checked right from the homepage using Webmail. When you have arrived at either link, enter your username and password for your Nemont Internet account. For example, if your email address is anyone@nemont.net, enter this:

Username: anyone

Password: (your 4-8 character email password)

If I developed a webpage - what will the URL be? How do I set up my URL?

Establishing Your URL

After you have created your webpage, there are two methods of setting up your URL:Personal or Commercial.

PERSONAL: Every Nemont customer is assigned 10 megabytes of web space, free with their Internet account. This means customers can use this space for whatever they like at no additional charge, provided the website does not exceed 10 meg. (A megabyte is the measurement of space on the server. This space can be accessed on the Internet. The address is www.nemont.net/~username.

For example, if your username or e-mail address is customer or customer@nemont.net - then the address of your personal space would be www.nemont.net/~customer. Those individuals wanting to access your site would simply type in that address from anywhere to view it.

COMMERICAL: Many businesses prefer to register a domain name. These URLs, or web addresses, are easier to remember but do incur additional costs.

For example, if my business name is Trouble Shooters then I may want to register a domain name of www.troubleshooters.com.

These URLs are registered with a registrar like Network Solutions which may be found at www.networksolutions.com. There will be a fee for domain name registration. Nemont will register your URL for you at the cost of $10. If you will be registering your own domain name and will have Nemont host this page you will need the following settings for the registration:

Primary host name: ns1.vision.net

Primary host address:

Secondary host name: ns2.vision.net

Secondary host address:

Nemont will host your website for a monthly charge of $25.00 per month. When the commercial website account is set up, a username and password are assigned to the owner for access to that space. Please see FTP instructions for help transferring your files to the Internet. Please contact our office at 1-800-636-6680 or email us at help@nemont.coop if you have any further questions.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP is moving the files from your computer onto the Internet. There are many software packages available for this procedure. One example would be WS-FTP.

The settings needed to correctly login into your FTP program will depend on the method you selected to set up your URL.

If you chose to set up your URL in PERSONAL space, see the following login information;

Profile Name: NEMONT

Host Name/Address: nemont.net


User ID: username

Password: password

Click OK to login. Once logged in you will notice the directory of your computer files in one window and that of the server in the other. Double click the public_html directory first. All files must be transferred into this directory if they are to be viewed on the server. You can now find your webpage files and transfer those files onto the server.

If you chose to set up your URL in COMMERICAL space and have registered a domain name, see the following login information:

Profile Name: NEMONT

Host Name/Address: Your domain name (Ex. www.domainname.com)


Username: username (Username assigned to your website)

Password: password (Password assigned to your website)

Click OK to login. Once logged in you will notice the directory of your computer files in one window and that of the server in the other. Double click the data directory first. All files must be transferred into this directory if they are to be viewed on the server. You can now find your webpage files and transfer those files onto the server.

USING VIRTUAL WEB SERVERS: Many webpage development software applications contain virtual web servers that do the work of transferring webpage files onto the server for you. Although these servers work well if set up correctly, they often send numerous files that are not related or needed by your webpage, which needlessly accumulates web space. Due to the diversity in these virtual web servers and the development software, please contact us if you have difficulty with the set up. The settings will be very similar to those shown above. Most will require a destination file on the server, as follows, depending on your URL setup:

PERSONAL: destination directory: public_html

COMMERICAL: destination directory: data

For 24-hour tech support please call 1-888-338-0252 or email help@nemont.coop