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$85 Gig Internet - A Year's Worth of Savings



$85 promo is available for residential customers on fiber network only. Gigabit price will be $115.00 per month after 12 months. Not all speeds are available in all areas. Prices will vary with any additional features and other additions to your account. Taxes and fees are not included in the stated price above. Premium phone service is available. Contact Nemont for more information at 1.800.636.6680 or chat with us. 



Your devices are essential to your life. Your phone. Your laptop. Your monitoring system.

Nemont's latest product, Advanced WiFi+, comes with ProtectIQ. ProtectIQ is your 24/7 internet watchman. With multi-layered protection, your most vulnerable devices are protected.  

ProtectIQ puts a shield between your devices and the bad guys, stopping threats before they ever happen. 





At Nemont, we are proud that our internet service plans are symmetrical. Our tailored plans deliver a consistently fast and equal download and upload speed for all of your digital needs. 

Here are some benefits of a symmetrical Internet connection:

  • No Internet Bottleneck. If you experience buffering while streaming a movie or frozen video calls, this can be during peak times when everyone is getting online. Peak times usually happen after 4 p.m. when kids are out of school. Symmetrical bandwidth ensures that your download and upload speeds are not strained due to high-use. 
  • Faster and Larger File Uploads. Uploading files to the Cloud, Dropbox, shared Drives, or Twitch can be an arduous task if the files are large. With a symmetrical Internet connection, large files are a breeze. 
  • Don't Get Left Behind. More and more companies are moving to cloud services for flexibility and easy sharing, but if you can't reach the cloud, what good is it to you. Reliable cloud access depends on high upload speeds. 

The speed of your Internet connection has a big impact on the quality of your online experience. So when you’re choosing an Internet package, make sure both the download and upload speeds are fast enough for the kind of activities you plan to do online.

Get ExperienceIQ 3 months free

With the $85 Gig promotion, you'll get our Gigaspire router with ProtectIQ; with a bonus, ExperienceIQ, for three months free. ExperienceIQ with enhanced parental controls manages all your family's devices and content access from the Nemont WiFi app. 

Setup Profiles

Assign devices to specific family members and easily pause internet access or create offline schedules

Filter Content

Block entire internet categories, app and websites.

Safe Search

Remove inappropriate and explicit content for users search results

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Advanced WiFi+ is only available to customers on 10Mbps package or higher. Nemont is not responsible for any devices added to the home after the Birth Certificate is created. If Internet service is terminated the router and access points must be returned to Nemont within 30 days. Nemont is not responsible for end user devices. If you bump down to a speed lower than 10 Mbps, your Advanced WiFi+ will be terminated and your billing statement will reflect the changes. Please review all Internet Terms and Conditions.