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iPhone 11 Giveaway - Best Camera Phone 2020


We live in a picture driven society. Everything we do gets shared on social media via our phone. So why not have the best camera phone that uses comparable DSLR quality software. With Apple's new iPhone 11, you can capture stunning food pics, professional-level selfies, jealous-worthy travel photos to share on Instagram - all thanks to computational photography.

Computational photography (that's a mouth-full) is the new battleground for digital camera photography. It's nothing new. Its been around since the 1970s. But since then, lenses and sensors continue to improve. The most significant development has been in software, such as Apple's Deep Fusion release found in the new iPhone 11.

Apple's Deep Fusion software is a mix of HDR, Bokeh, dual-camera capabilities, all mixed in with a touch of mad science. And, who doesn't love some Bokeh?

Portrait mode in the new iPhone 11 allows you to control how much Bokeh, or depth-of-field effect, you want to apply to an image - allowing you can keep the subject in focus. At the same time, the background remains blurry, which is the hallmark for professional-looking photos everywhere. The triple-lens lets you adjust your focal length to give you that 'wow' factor for all your digital images.

If you are a night photography enthusiast, you're going to love the iPhone 11's Night mode; its high tech meets low light. If you've got shaky hands, you might consider using a tripod. Here's how it works.

Night mode uses a multi-image approach capturing: one image too dark, one too light, and one regular image. It then merges the images for better quality and definition — no need to figure out how to turn it on. The camera does the job for you. As soon as the camera realizes there is not enough light, Night mode engages. After all, smartphones are all about convenience.

Enough of the camera talk. We are sure you are curious as to how to win a free iPhone 11. Yes, you read it right; we are giving away free iPhone 11! Here's how you can enter to win.


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